Easy-to-use embedded, open systems and cloud management products & solutions

We’ve spent years working the most challenging aspects of the various top notch products, so you can quickly use our solutions that drive financial outcomes for your business.

Our expertise on embedded systems and open systems along with networking knowlege makes us at par with any other in the industry. 


Our neighbourhood management system provides you a relaxed and efficient way of handling all your day to day management of facilities of your apartment, gated community, educational institutes, stores, villas, independent housing complexes. 

Our security system takes security of your apartment or gated communities to the next level. Visitors data is saved on Cloud systems which is highly secure.


Apartment/Complex association managers and its neighbours  can now sit back and relax.


Cloud Technologies.

No one wants to have their most important data to be saved in local premises due to theft reasons. We provide highly scalable Cloud Technologies like AWS, OpenStack to help you secure your confidential data.


Embedded Systems.

Kuti partners with technology experts and leaders to work together on tools and products of highly integrated embedded hardware and software solutions for the Indian market.

This synergetic system offers comprehensive solutions for design, development and debugging processes in embedded systems.


Open Systems.

Kuti primarily provides a combination of interoperability, portability, and open software standards. Wide expertise on open source operating system, typically composed of coordinated modular components from a number of sources and not reliant upon any proprietary elements. Expertise on linux flavours - Ubuntu, CentOs, Scientific Linux, RTOS, WindRiver, Suse.


We feel your pain.

The stakes are high in our fast-changing world. Which is why, just like our customers, we sweat the small stuff. Every insight we deliver is held to the highest standards, ensuring the best results for your unique needs.


Secure Remote Access Solutions.

Our solution gives contractors, partners and customers zero-trust access to applications in the data center of the cloud.



Just a tablet is all you need at the security of your apartment entrance to secure all the visitors info. Association managers and all neighbours can always be in touch on the GO - anywhere, anytime and all-the-time.


“Extremely fast & efficient. Their solutions speedened up our business. Viewed and impressed by millions across India. My business is improving. Thank you Kuti.”

— MD, Mitta Group.